A Striking Countertop Can Make A Significant Impact On A Room

With the exception of flooring, countertops are the most used surfaces in a home. Recent consumer trends have placed increasing importance on this feature, particularly in the kitchen. Suburban Remodeling is here to lend its expertise to your countertop selection process.

There are four major categories of counter surfaces. These include plastic laminate, solid surface, natural stone and site constructed counter surfaces. All have their own advantages and disadvantages. Like all components in your remodeling project, it is important to find the product that matches your taste, budget and the overall look of your project.


Surface Options 

Natural Stone 

This is the premier option when remodeling a room. Materials here include slab granite, marble, quartz and many other natural choices.

Natural stone offers a timeless look and can easily be incorporated into any design or décor. This type of surface will never go out of style and its beauty will never fade. Natural stone is also extremely durable. Colors and patterns are endless, only limited by what mother nature has created. Some natural stone, such as granite, does require periodic sealing to preserve the surface. Cultured quartz, on the other hand, does not require sealing. With this said, sealing is relatively easy and inexpensive, and should not be a major factor in your decision. The major factor when considering natural stone is the budget. This surface is considerably more expensive than laminate and higher in cost than solid surface counters. However, if budget permits, natural stone is the best possible choice for maximum impact on your project

Plastic Laminate 

It is a time tested means to treat a counter surface. It is a bare-bones approach in many cases, but new patterns and color choices have made it worth giving laminate counters a second look. Construction of this type of surface consists of a wood core built to the footprint of the counter. Your choice of plastic-laminate is then glued to the surface of the core. Counters can be cut and sanded at the job site to ensure a perfect fit.

Benefits of this counter treatment include affordability and the wide variety of patterns and colors available. The major downside of laminate countertops is their lack of durability. The laminate surface itself is relatively thin and is subject to scratches and heat damage. In addition to this, the seams of laminate counters are exposed and can be compromised with prolonged use. Damaged seams are also not easily repaired without significantly impacting the finished look of the counter. If the budget is tight, we suggest spending more on cabinets and going with a plastic laminate countertop. The countertop can always be upgraded at a later date with little disruption to the rest of the kitchen.

Solid Surface 

It is a very popular choice for countertops. This type of counter is produced from a manmade acrylic or polymer. Solid surface can also be used for the construction of sinks, fusing them with the counter surface to provide a sleek, seamless look. In the bathroom, solid surface construction can be used for tub surrounds, shower bases, shower surrounds, vanity tops, soap dishes and many other accessories.

The benefits of solid surface countertops include their durability and resistance to scratches and stains. Solid surface counters are completely waterproof and can be permanently seemed and joined with almost invisible joints. Because of their singular construction, there are no veneers to chip, crack, peel, or wear out. Light surface damage can also often be repaired in the home. Additionally, colors and patterns are endless and can easily and tastefully be combined with each other. The downside of solid surface counters is their susceptibility to heat damage and their increased price. High-heat appliances and direct contact with a hot pot can significantly damage the surface. If solid surface counters are within your budget, they are a great option to consider.

Site Constructed 

 counters are the least used method in kitchen and bathroom remodeling today. This category includes concrete, wood, ceramic and tile installations. There are endless choices here. Materials and construction costs vary significantly too. You will only be limited by your imagination when designing site constructed countertops.

As with all components of your remodeling project, we encourage you to find a balance between the functionality you desire, your taste and preferences and your budget.

We are happy to assist in any way we can.