Project Details

Project Management
  • Expert Coordination
  • Accurate Timelines
  • Professional Follow Through

From the first estimate to the final walk-through, Suburban Remodeling is there to coordinate every aspect of your project. Over 35 years of experience are at your disposal throughout the entire process. Questions are encouraged and answered at all times. Because Suburban Remodeling uses no subcontractors, we are able to carefully manage all details of the construction of your new dream room.

Initial meetings include thorough documentation of your wishes and goals. Solid estimates and timelines are then presented for your review. Depending on the type of project, Suburban Remodeling completes the design of your room(s) or we supply you with a kitchen and bath designer. We are here to assist with picking out everything from cabinets, countertops, and light fixtures to faucets, hinges and door knobs. The team at Suburban Remodeling then coordinates and completes every single aspect of the construction of your project. This includes everything from demolition, framing and drywalling to electrical, plumbing, cabinet, and countertop installation! To complete the construction phase, we turn a careful eye towards woodwork, trim and molding. A final walk-through completes the project cycle. All details of your project are reviewed to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction is attained.

By completing all phases of your project ourselves, Suburban Remodeling is able to carefully manage the timeline and quality of your project. Doing business this way allows us to stay true to our core belief, “Do the best we can to exceed every customer’s expectations”.

Professional Design
  • Expert Advice
  • Creative Ideas
  • Unique Outcomes

Suburban Remodeling understands the importance of a rock-solid design. We believe nailing this stage of your project will help ensure a smooth project flow and in the end a truly satisfied customer.

Suburban Remodeling provides professional design service for all projects no matter how big or small. All designs are created using a combination of customer input, Suburban Remodeling’s 35 + years of experience and outside professionals when appropriate. A computer program is used to assist the design process and to provide a visual representation of your project. We work closely with each customer to understand the goals and wishes for your project. Room layout, material options and fixture choices are all thoroughly reviewed. Each design is a unique creation intended to fit your specific needs and the requirements of your home.

Demolition and Framing
  • Expert Preparation
  • Thorough Daily Cleanup
  • Engineered to Code

All projects require some level of demolition. Suburban Remodeling understands this can be a scary, uncomfortable process for most homeowners. All precautions are taken to make this phase as stress-free as possible.

The demolition of a typical kitchen takes the whole first day of the onsite work of the project. Bathroom demolition usually takes about 6 hours of the first day. We begin by covering carpets and floors in traffic areas. Plastic sheeting is hung wherever possible to close off the work area from the rest of the house. Heating vents and cool air returns are sealed off to prevent dust from entering the heating and cooling system. Instructions are given to the homeowner to take precautions in the rooms adjacent to the project. This includes removing items that may be jarred loose or fall from the vibrations of demolition. Suburban Remodeling also encourages covering sensitive items in adjacent rooms such as electronics and china cabinets. Taking these preliminary steps makes cleanup much easier and makes the whole process more enjoyable. All debris is hauled away and disposed of by Suburban Remodeling.

Any necessary framing begins after the demolition is completed and thoroughly cleaned up. Framing may be completed to remove a wall, open a space, or install pocket doors. Bathroom framing may also involve preparations for a custom shower enclosure. All details are finalized with the customer and designer before the first nail is struck. An architect or engineer will be brought in by Suburban Remodeling if the project requires this. Engineering specifications are typically completed in less than a day and all work is always completed to code. Suburban Remodeling’s advanced knowledge of housing structures and building materials ensures your dream room will be properly framed.

Plumbing Installation
  • Full-service
  • Consistent Quality
  • Engineered to Code

Kitchen and bath remodeling necessitates a thorough understanding of plumbing requirements and codes. Suburban Remodeling’s plumbing installations ensure your new dream room will function properly and the rest of your house will not be affected by the change.

This process begins by reviewing the plumbing specifications completed during the design phase of your project. Next, all layout and installation is completed in-house by the Suburban Remodeling team. We are qualified to work with all materials from PVC and copper to the latest “Ipex” feed lines. We complete all plumbing tasks including running new supply and drain lines, running or moving gas lines, and installing all fixtures. Completing all work in-house ensures the project is never held up waiting for the “plumbing contractor” to arrive. We also feel this is the only way to guarantee consistent quality on the plumbing work for all of our projects.

Electrical Installation
  • Full-service
  • Professional
  • Engineered to Code

Suburban Remodeling is qualified to complete all electrical work required for your project. You can be assured every detail of the electrical work for your dream room is always completed to code. Before any electrical work begins a review of the specifications laid out in the design phase of your project is completed. This ensures your original wishes are always met.

A wide variety of electrical work is completed by Suburban Remodeling. Kitchen remodeling projects often require additional circuitry and lighting changes. This includes under cabinet lighting as well as room lightening in the form of recessed and pendant fixtures. The design and layout of new kitchen cabinets also often requires positioning changes for switches and outlets. All electrical changes are designed for convenient use of your new space. Bathroom remodeling typically entails repositioning switches and outlets and installing new light fixtures. New circuitry is also installed when required to support additions to the bathroom such as a powered massage tub or radiant floor heating.

Whether we are working on your kitchen, bathroom or even finishing your basement, we never use electrical subcontractors. We feel this is the only way to ensure consistency and quality on all electrical work for our projects.

Tile Layout and Installation
  • Unique Custom Looks
  • Professional Layout & Design
  • Endless Possibilities

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling have a call for creative flair in many ways. Tile layout and installation is the most delicate of these. Over the years we have seen many inappropriate uses of tile that destroys the look and functionality of a room. Just because tile can be made to fit many surfaces does not mean it should be used on all surfaces. With that said, there are endless options when it comes to choosing the design and layout of your tile. Suburban Remodeling can help you choose a design and layout to complement the rest of your space.

In the kitchen, we recommend reserving tile for flooring and the counter backsplash. Porcelain, ceramic and natural stone are good choices here. These materials offer a wide variety of color, shape and size possibilities. Border strips and decorative pieces can be used to create a unique custom look.

Bathrooms, on the other hand, lend themselves to much greater use of tile than the kitchen. In fact, in some projects tile makes up the largest visible space in the bathroom. Material choices here are the same as in the kitchen, but can be used in more creative ways. For the bathroom floor, we have found a simple layout works best for most bathroom spaces. An intricate, complex pattern can make the space feel smaller and uncomfortable. Wall tile and the shower surround areas are the perfect places for creativity to shine. Borders, decorative dots and strips, as well as tile and stone moldings offer endless possibilities. Suburban remodeling can help you choose a material and design that will complement your remodeled space as well as your personal taste.

Flooring Installation
  • Expert Advice
  • Creative Layout & Design
  • Lasting Results

Suburban Remodeling is aware your floor needs to be both beautiful and functional. We are here to assist with all flooring options from material choices to layout and design.

Typical materials for kitchen remodeling projects include hardwood, ceramic tile, porcelain, stone, laminate and occasionally cork. Bathroom materials are also abundant, but usually include some form of tile. Stone, including granite, marble and limestone are beautiful choices that add a timeless old-world feel. For ease of maintenance its hard to beat porcelain or ceramic tile. The key is to find a material and design that complements your taste and the rest of the room.

As with all phases of kitchen and bath remodeling, the Suburban Remodeling team completes all work ourselves. The one exception to this is when a new hardwood floor needs to be blended or stitched into an existing floor. For this complex process, we bring in a hardwood flooring specialist we have trusted for many years. The stitching process is closely supervised to ensure our quality standards are maintained.

When Suburban Remodeling completes the job, you can be sure your new floor will represent both function and form.

Custom Trim and Woodwork
  • Expert Craftsmanship
  • Attention to Detail
  • Professional Results

Moldings and trim woodwork add the finishing touch to any room. This is particularly evident in the kitchen, where the space lends itself to the most detailed and interesting moldings. We incorporate not only crown molding in our projects, but two and three stage moldings, as well as rope and dental styles. Wainscoting instead of basic paneling can also add a rich look. Suburban Remodeling takes great pride in our trim and finish woodwork. This is an area where our craftsmanship can truly shine. We are here to assist in the design and use of molding for your new dream room.